by Kamaedzitca

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released January 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Kamaedzitca Belarus

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Track Name: The Wheel Turn
Hey, you! Hear the voice from the black oakes bark,
From the sunrise over tops of Forefathers faith.

The Sunwheel – a great spirit –
It lives through the centuries in Blood.
The Sunwheel – a steel Will,
The time of revenge… Lament of a mill…

The laws are iron, the thoughts are sturdy,
A ferocious glance, the muscle as forged steel.

The bayonets are piercing the skies,
Veins are tearing by the mounds.
The oath by the blood, unity of fire –
We shall do no step back.

Sunwheel, burn up brightly!
Give us power for the War…
Sunwheel! Sunwheel!
Your Warriors are strong by spirit!

Grip your Will with fangs of dreams,
Pierce the heart for Brother.
Protect the saint Land of your Fathers.
The voice of Courage, breath of awards…

Protect the saint Faith!
Defend the saint Blood!
Track Name: On the Hill near the River…
On the hill near the river the Sun was playing.
The ashes of ruins were smouldering, all getting silent.

But the Luminous were rising its wings
And spilling as gold so fast.

Were spilling its waters, its treasures,
Over the Universe by new time, by new summer.

But a fair-haired girl sat singing a song
And spinning up the wreaths.

Threw the flowers into the water – her happiness,
Raised her white hands to Kupala.

And embraced the Sun with her heart,
And the wreaths were flowing towards the fate…
Track Name: Breath of the Heroes` will Infinity
The wind of cold mists is whispering by swans within the bosom.
A lonely white Moon is lightening the way of eternity.

Dust of the road is rising to the Skies,
Where the Gods` great throne is.

Squeezing the swords in right hands strongly.
Making all gone for good behind – there`s no road to return.

Breath of fast death is not horrible,
Truth and Pride to die in battle.
Let`s engrave the Memory for our descendants…

Meeting the lightenings, severe arrows,
Wings of cranes are clearing souls.

The shadows of the high birds are flowing near us.
The continuation of fragments of War…
The time has come to give the life.

Let the counting horseshoe to crash like a hammer.
And beneath the hammer is dust like smoke –
It`s the Earth burning.

Oh, a smoky road, give the power to your Sons!
By the stained spell splinters,
Pyarun, help us!

The iron cold as ice will quench by crimson blood soon.
The wounds of the dead ones will hear a leaving yell.

Breath of cold stars will reflect in children hearts.
Track Name: Oh, Winter-Kolyada…
The field is howling
By a white Screen.
Wind is prickling the world.
Winter is freezing, winter is frosting.
The snow is dancing,
The winter is dancing…
Track Name: Forever for Centuries!
We were feeding with mutual wheat,
Were drinking the same water,
Worshiping the only Gods,
Were bearing of the only Blood.

We were singing the same songs,
And were greeting in the only language,
Were strengthing with one power,
And were fighting in the same troops.

Hail to our Kin!
Hail to our Gods!
Hail to our Folk!
Hail to Pyarun`s warriors!

Eternal be the Glory of our Country!
To our golden Fatherland –
Hails! Hails!
Track Name: A Maiden of Death
The palm of cosmos full of stars –
In unlimited space.
Horizon of cold thoughts,
Dumb words of Mara.

Dead silence,
Only branches are making the noise,
Likha is coming through,
Even making the firs trembling.

I am singing my superstitious song,
It`s pouring in solitude.
I am closing my eyes,
But my glance is staring at the leaves.

The will of thought is heating by its fire –
It is a drop of the World is getting alive again.
The dance of ghosts, the music of Death,
Mara`s wind is taking away the souls.

The aim of Charnaboh,
The plunder of Nav` is a fate.
It`s a black spirit
Taking human souls away.

To face Mara`s glance…

Death is rebirth,
A flight, awaking,
Ears of eternal river,
Legends… Boundless…

The trails of Heroes we will leave,
To rebirth the Pride.
The way for the Sons is high up to the Eerie,
We will be living forever!
Track Name: The Wandering of Vedahona
Only ashes are to be left…
We have fought for this.
Shall we live in such a way?
Our hopes were another.
How can not we see a blossoming young cherry tree?
We have to live and not to surrender
Or just eat this ash?..
It is better to see no end of victory at war,
Where you will have to listen to the coals of emptyness.
Will be left to run afar, to awake the darkness with your scream!
To overweight clear memories with mass of pain.
Not to panic in fear more –
The walls will let no escape,
You will have to crawl in ditches.
To drink the sufferings eagerly,
To dry out in the hot smoke of oblivion,
To tear down the nails and fall on the wings…
Track Name: In the Clear Field…
(Kupala folk song)

There are four regiments in a clear field
In a regiment horses are staying
In the second one axes are clanging
In the third one two brothers are staying
In the fourth regiment a brother killed the brother
Fallen in love with the same girl
In a narrow street were meeting
The younger brother did not yield the girl
The elder one beheaded the brother
A furious head rolled
Then a white body fell
The girl turned sad
I was born so unlucky
Cause I have been in love with two brothers…
Track Name: The Aroma of Oblivion
An autumn leaf was curling lonely
In the night air…

A raven bird was flying in the black clouds
Getting stars away, cold fog…
Spanked by the wings and jerking away in the shades…
The gray shades…

On the clear waves of a black river
There were some night thoughts lying on the water,
Curling the water by silent whispering
And ran-flew away on its top…